Craigmillar Book Festival

Book Festival

Celebrating 21 Years of Craigmillar Book Festival 1998-2019


Celebrating Books

We invited inspiring authors, writers, storytellers, illustrators, poets and performers from across Scotland and beyond every year to host interactive sessions and workshops with children, young people, parents and carers as part of an exciting and imaginative Craigmillar Book Festival programme.

Over the last 21 years, interactive sessions and workshops have taken place in schools, nurseries, the local library, in castles and around bonfires, inspiring children and young people in the community to read and write for pleasure. Themes have included ‘Dream Wild’, ‘Shine!’ and ‘Books, Books, Books’.

The Future

In 2020, Covid-19 restrictions meant that we had to cancel the Book Festival. Based on the feedback from a community consultation in 2021, we have now moved to a yearlong programme of events in community settings, celebrating the strong legacy of the Book Festival with children and young people’s voices at its heart.

Thank you to all the creative practitioners, funders, volunteers, the staff in schools and the library for their extensive support for the Festival, and most of all to the children, young people and families of Craigmillar and Niddrie who continue to celebrate reading, books and literacy with us.